Titirangi Mt. Everest Challenge – Week 5 Update

It’s been another huge week on Titirangi, with events, news teams and the usually highway of foot traffic. Over the course of the week we were lucky to spend a lot of time on the maunga, and heard some incredible, inspiring stories of your success.

With the end of the challenge rapidly approaching (Sunday October 29th), we’re having to turn our attention to celebrating the completion of the 2017 challenge.

Make a note in your diary for Sunday October 29th. We will hold a celebratory walk to the top with as many of you as possible. We will be giving certificates to all the individuals and teams who have made it to the top of Everest and will have a few more spot prizes to give away.

Top 10 Individuals:
kel t (Whanaufit) – 232 Climbs
Allan (No team) – 205 Climbs
Coppo (Graham and Dobson) – 204 Climbs
Marie (No team) – 201 Climbs
Monarus (No team) – 165 Climbs
Karen (No team) – 163 Climbs
Kat (Hullkfit)- 156 Climbs
shaunie t (Whanaufit) – 150 Climbs
Bobbie (Maringi) (Huringa Pai Whanau) – 140 Climbs
Tutira (Freedom Fitness) – 134 Climbs

Top 10 Teams:
Huringa Pai – Whanau living healthy longer (members:40) Climbs – 1458
Whānaufit (members:29) Climbs – 1393
HULLKFIT (members:26) Climbs – 1041
Turanga Health Kaimahi (members:45) Climbs – 690
Cheetahs (members:17) Climbs – 564
Ngatis (members:15) Climbs – 455
PAK’nSAVE GG Grocery Army (members:27) Climbs – 442
Graham & Dobson (members:14) Climbs – 361
The Hillbillies (members:14) Climbs – 328
Eastland Community Trust Eastland Community Trekkers (members:10) Climbs – 301

Spot Prizes:
20 lucky people have won a spot prize this week! To collect, drop in to Sean Shivnan Pharmacy, 578 Gladstone Rd
Couper Reid
Phoeb Wesche
Robert Matete
Lee Foley
Bruce Allen
Preston Olsen
James Raroa
Aleisha Smith
Kim Radovanovich
Laura McMahon
Terry Miringaorangi
Kylie Turuwhenua-Tapsell
Pj Goodlett
Huia Phillips
Te aroha Tuhou-Smith
Reremoana Campbell
rose henderson
Thomas Rutene
Wes Turipa
Ash Ratima

Week 4 Update

50 of you have already made it to Everest, and many are well on their way! Between us all, we’ve climbed the maunga 9,016 times, and made it to space 11 times.

This week’s challenge – see if you can motivate someone to join you on one of your climbs this week so that they too can be inspired by awesome buzz on the hill.

There are a heap of exciting things happening on Titirangi this week, including a whanau fitness session and a visit from TVNZ 1 on Wednesday.

TVNZ want to share the inspiring story of this challenge with the rest of the country! They’ll be on the maunga filming from 4pm onward tomorrow afternoon and we want it to be packed!

Make sure you bring as many people as you can with you on your afternoon walk, and if you have an inspiring story to tell about your journey, stop and have a chat!

Top 10 individuals:
kel t (Whanaufit) – 204 Climbs
Marie (No team) – 172 Climbs
Allan (No team) – 157 Climbs
Robert (No team) – 134 Climbs
shaunie t (Whanaufit) – 131 Climbs
Karen (No team) – 131 Climbs
Coppo (Graham and Dobson) – 122 Climbs
Kat (Hullkfit)- 120 Climbs
Bobbie (Maringi) (Huringa Pai Whanau) – 120 Climbs
Monarus (No team) – 120 Climbs

Top 10 teams:
Whānaufit (members:29) Climbs – 1238
Huringa Pai – Whanau living healthy longer (members:40) Climbs – 1230
HULLKFIT (members:26) Climbs – 860
Turanga Health Kaimahi (members:45) Climbs – 580
Cheetahs (members:17) Climbs – 514
PAK’nSAVE GG Grocery Army (members:26) Climbs – 410
Ngatis (members:15) Climbs – 404
The Hillbillies (members:14) Climbs – 293
Graham & Dobson (members:14) Climbs – 266
Kimihia Te Kupu Kohanga Reo (members:29) Climbs – 261

Titirangi Mt. Everest Challenge – Week 2 update!

We hope you’re all enjoying the challenge so far!
We’ve been overwhelmed by the huge totals, the inspiring stories and most importantly, the swarms of you getting out there on the maunga.
We’ve now made it to space 7 times, and there are 1,370 of you joining in the fun.
Keep sharing your stories and photos with us, and keep up the good work.


  1. kel t (Whanaufit) – 126 Climbs
  2. Coppo (Graham and Dobson) – 103 Climbs
  3. miri (Whanaufit) – 101 Climbs
  4. Bobbie (Maringi) (Huringa Pai Whanau) – 79 Climbs
  5. Marie (No team) – 77 Climbs
  6. Melanie (No team) – 72 Climbs
  7. Peter (GG The Meat Cutters Club) – 68 Climbs
  8. Dave (No team) – 68 Climbs
  9. Kat (Hullkfit)- 68 Climbs
  10. Allan (No team) – 68 Climb


  1. Huringa Pai Whanau (members:39) Climbs – 801
  2. whanaufit (members:24) Climbs – 787
  3. HULLKFIT (members:24) Climbs – 516
  4. Turanga Health Kaimahi (members:45) Climbs – 361
  5. GG Grocery Army (members:26) Climbs – 345
  6. Cheetahs (members:16) Climbs – 267
  7. Ngatis (members:15) Climbs – 239
  8. Graham & Dobson (members:14) Climbs – 221
  9. GG Nan’s Ninjas (members:29) Climbs – 208
  10. Kimihia Te Kupu Kohanga Reo (members:28) Climbs – 186

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WOW there are over 1200 registered people for the  Titirangi Mt Everest challenge this year!

What an awesome turnout from the community. We’re sure everyone is super excited to take part in the challenge, but as a reminder, please be aware of others on the maunga; please keep your dog on a lead, and be aware of others and share the road.

Hot tips:

  • Keep one ear clear if you’re wearing headphones
  • Walk on the right hand side of the road, so you can see oncoming traffic. Or on a grass verge where you can.
  • Make use of walking tracks, or the steps as an alternative

Keep up the good work.

Challenge Update – Day 2

Titirangi Mt. Everest Challenge update! There are now over 1,000 of you registered for the challenge, and you’ve recorded over 1,000 climbs in two days (wow!).

Our climbing champs at the moment are Melanie and Ritchie, who have each completed 23 climbs. That’s higher than Mt. Ruapehu! The team to beat is still Huringa PaiWhanau, closely followed by HULLKFIT.

Because of the swarms of you trying to get onto the website over the last two days, it had a little meltdown and shut some of you out. Sorry! Our website elves have worked their magic and this shouldn’t happen again.

We’re also excited to announce that thanks to Gisborne Net, there’s now a FREE WiFi hotspot at the top of Titirangi, for logging your climbs right there, as you complete them.
Finally, a little housekeeping, when you register for the challenge, you’re creating a profile for one person (yourself), and you can then join a team. Each person needs to have a profile. One profile can’t be used for a whole group of people, because it throws out the numbers on the individuals leaderboard. If this sounds like you, please email and I’ll help you to fix it!

Be safe on the maunga, have fun and happy climbing!

Bowl track closed!

To all the enthusiastic Mt Everest Challengers taking on Titirangi this year, please take care on the maunga.

Due to continuous bad weather we’ve had to close the bowl track between Cooks plaza and the summit. Parts of the track are at risk of slipping and it’s currently too boggy for contractors to make it safe.

To drivers on Titirangi, please take extra care and share the road, because there’ll be lots of pedestrians walking up the maunga.