5 Under 5

pictured of the 5 under 5 skills chart


What is “5 Under 5”?

“5 Under 5” is the name we give to 5 Fundamental Movement Skills for children under the age of 5.  These skills include:

Run ImageRun

Jump ImageJump

Balance ImageBalance

Bounce & CatchBounce & Catch



We believe these 5 skills provide a strong foundation from which preschoolers can progress their skill development. Regular opportunities to move and play in a variety of ways will go a long way in helping children form the basis for future sport skill development and a life-long enjoyment of physical activity. There is  a window of opportunity here we simply don’t want to miss and with the right kind of encouragement and support from you, children can receive the healthy active future they deserve!  

The  5 Under 5 Skill Chart is a resource designed to support the development of fundamental movement skills.   Stickers or stamps are placed on the chart each time children and their families participate in a game or activity.  These aim to motivate children to get active more often but also help everyone track and see how often they are playing and learning together as a family.  Having fun, spending time together, learning and discovering, feeling a sense of achievement, satisfaction and success;  these are just some of the inherent rewards we hope families will enjoy as they complete each chart.  Tips, cues, ideas and activities are included on the back page to help you along.  Place it on your fridge and let the fun begin.  Download your copy now or contact your Active Mokopuna Coordinator for an order.  

Download the 5 under 5 skills resource

Click the above link to download the “5 Under 5” Skills Resource. You can also contact our Active Mokopuna team for guidance on how to use them.

For more information, please contact:

Monique Mcleod

Monique McLeod

Active Mokopuna Coordinator

06 868 9943 ext 706
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