Bouncing & Catching Games

Balloon Catch – Everyone stands in a circle.  One child starts with the balloon in the centre and tosses it in the air.  Working their way around the circle the next child runs in to catch it before it touches the ground.  This is repeated until everyone has a turn.    

Exploring Bouncing

“Can you bounce the ball low?”

“Can you bounce the ball high?

“Can you bounce the ball 3, 5,10 times?”

“Can you bounce the ball on the spot?  On the move?”

“Can you bounce the ball around the cones”?  

“Can you bounce, clap and catch”?  

Pair Bouncing Place a hoop between two children.  They bounce the ball back and forth to one another.  Use the hoop as a target for bouncing the ball.  

Group Bouncing Children bounce the ball to one another around the circle.  Alternatively a teacher can stand in the centre of the circle bouncing the ball back and forth to each of the children.  

Throw and Catch – Practice throwing their ball up and catching it.  Can you walk doing this? How about run and do this? Skip…., hop…, walk backwards.  Can you walk around throwing it up and catching it?

Knock the Cone – Place out cones.  Can you knock the cone down by bouncing the ball at it?  Place the cones at varying distances.  

Ball Obstacle Course – Run to first hoop and bounce and catch the ball three times.  Run to the next hoop, throw and catch the ball three times.  Then run, bouncing the ball, in and out of the cones to the finish.  Shoot a goal, pass and receive from a teacher.