Climbing Games

Obstacle Course

Set up a variety of obstacles that include climbing over, under and through. Use blocks, planks, ladders, tunnels, monkey bars, boxes and blankets. Remember to adjust the course to suit the differing levels of development.  

Animal Movements

Children use upper body strength to move like various animals:

Bear = walk on hands and feet

Tiger = walk on hands and knees

Crabs = walk on hands and feet (tummy facing up)

Caterpillar = hands and feet on the ground.  Walk hands out in front as far as possible.  Then walk legs in towards hands. Repeat.

Spider = shuffle sideways while balancing on bent knees and extending arms sideways

Monkey = swinging arms, play on the monkey bars


Floor Climb – Using either spots, an agility ladder or a chalk ladder have children climb along the ground.  

Movement Stories Climb and move  like Jack in the story “Jack and the Beanstalk”.   

Scooter Board Pull – Lying on a scooter board children use a rope tied from two points low to the ground to pull themselves along with their arms, a skateboard could be used instead of a scooter board.

Tug O War –  Have two teams play tug of war using either rope, a rolled up sheet or parachute.  Try sitting younger children on the ground to play.

Climbing – Tie a rope up the top of the slide or slope and children have to pull themselves up.

Wheelbarrows –The child walks on hands while someone holds their thighs. This activity is not only great for upper body development but also good for stimulating the vestibular system as the head is lower than the body. Hold the child by the thighs, with their legs tight by yours.