Jumping Games

Jump Landings – Jump from low heights to targets (spots/hoops).  Jump into hoop held at ankle/knee height.  Run and jump to catch the ball (teacher holds the ball at height).  Children stand at the edge of the sandpit and jump into hoops placed inside the sandpit.  Key points to remember are to have feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent (sitting on a motor bike with arms forward) and landing as softly as possible.  Ideally the landing should be held for three seconds.

Jumping Beans – Children each stand in a hoop.  Teacher calls either “runner bean” and children run on the spot, “jumping bean” and children jump up and down, “jelly bean” and children wobble like jelly or “frozen bean” and children freeze.

Hoop Jump – Children jump from hoop to hoop.  Begin with hoops set out in a long line on the ground.  Then place the hoops a little further apart and repeat.  Place the hoops in a zigzag formation and repeat.  Children can take a hoop each, place it on the ground and practise jumping in and out of the hoop (forwards, backwards and sideways).  Bend low to the ground and jump up like a Jack in the box.

Obstacle Jump – Set up a fun obstacle course that incorporates a range of skills.  Crawl through the tunnel, weave around the cones, jump over hurdles and/or hoops at various heights and distances, and balance along a beam/rope.  Vary the course slightly each time so it remains interesting and challenging.

Jump the River – Place two ropes parallel to one another on the ground.  Children jump over the two ropes.  Widen the distance between the ropes to increase the challenge.  Alternatively put two ropes in a “V” formation.  Children jump over at the shortest point and progress to the wider distance.  Once children get confident try jumping backwards, turning jumps and side to side jumping. Try running leaps for when the river is wide. Stay away from the crocs!

Snake Jump – Two people on each end of the rope, wriggle it like a snake on the ground.  Children try to jump/leap over it.

Sack Races –Children stand inside a sack/pillowcase and jump to a marker and back again.  

Animal Jumps – Can you jump like a kangaroo, rabbits and frog? Explore how other animals move.  

Jumping Circuit: hot spots, mini hurdles, hoops, benches, jumping sacks, elastic for walking along and jumping over. Create your own jumping circuit using this equipment.

Frogs and Flies – Spread out spots as lilypads.  Half the children are frogs who jump from lilypad to lilypad.  The other half are flies, who fly around the lilypads.  On the whistle everyone freeze and balance.  Frogs stretch out without coming off their lilypads and try to catch the flies.  Swap over.  

Rabbit Holes – create rabbit holes by balancing hoops on cones.  Children use various locomotor skills to move around the rabbit holes being careful not to knock them over.  The the teacher calls out “fox” children step/jump into the hole trying not to knock it over.