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The Community Sport Team can provide resources, mentoring and advice on the effective management of codes and clubs in the region through our Club Assist programme.

What is Club Assist

The Club Assist programme provides clubs/codes with a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) – a diagnostic assessment tool used to assess your club structure, organisation and performance. This tool allows you to measure your club against current best practice and identify strengths and weaknesses within your organisation.

It’s based on a number of resources used by other Regional Sports Trusts and National Sporting Organisations, however, SGT has shaped this programme to make it relevant for our region.

If you’re interested in joining Club Assist, a member of the SGT Community Sport team will meet with your committee/group to discuss how the programme is delivered and what support is offered.

Join Club Assist

Once a code/club agrees to become involved in the Club Assist programme, the Club WOF tool is distributed, completed by as many of the committee and other interested members as possible, and then analysed. Recommendations to achieve Club Assist certification are presented back to the committee.

SGT’s community sport team will help your committee to implement the identified changes or improvements, usually over a 12-month time frame.

Benefits completing Club Assist

  • -Your club will improve its capability and therefore make it a more viable, vibrant and healthy organisation.
  • Your club will develop a strong working relationship with SGT by being able to work together to implement any recommendations, changes or improvements. Through this collaborative process the club will have access to best practice templates and up-to-date information specific to clubs.
  • A framed certificate along with a letter of reference will be received upon achieving Club Assist certification. The letter of reference can be used when making applications for grants, as it will acknowledge the processes and outcomes the club has gone through.
  • Media recognition of the club’s achievement in attaining Club Assist certification.

The Club Assist Process

graphic detailing the 10 steps of the Sport Gisborne Club Assist Programme

For more information, please contact:

Sarah Pocock

Community Sport Advisor

06 868 9943 ext 729
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