Titirangi Mt Everest Challenge

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Top 10 Individuals

1stkel tMt Everest – Nepal badgewhanaufit11114430
2ndCoppoMt Everest – Nepal badgeGraham & Dobson10313390
3rdmiriMt Everest – Nepal badgewhanaufit9412220
4thBobbie (Maringi)Mt Everest – Nepal badgeHuringa Pai Whanau698970
5thDaveMt Everest – Nepal badgeNo team assigned688840
6thMarieAnnapurna – Nepal badgeNo team assigned658450
7thMelanieAnnapurna – Nepal badgeNo team assigned638190
8thKatNun Kun – India badgeHULLKFIT617930
9thPeterNun Kun – India badgeGG The Meat Cutters Club607800
10thRitchieNun Kun – India badgeGraham & Dobson607800

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Top 10 Teams

PositionTeamNo. MembersClimbsMetres
1stHuringa Pai Whanau3960979170
4thGG Grocery Army2632942770
5thTuranga Health Kaimahi4425132630
7thGraham & Dobson1420226260
9thGG Nan's Ninjas2918924570
10thKimihia Te Kupu Kohanga Reo2816221060

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Latest News

Sharing is caring!

WOW there are over 1200 registered people for the  Titirangi Mt Everest challenge this year! What an awesome turnout from the community. We’re sure everyone is super excited to take part in the challenge, but as a reminder, please be aware of others on …

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Challenge Update – Day 2

Titirangi Mt. Everest Challenge update! There are now over 1,000 of you registered for the challenge, and you’ve recorded over 1,000 climbs in two days (wow!). Our climbing champs at the moment are Melanie and Ritchie, who have each completed 23 climbs …

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Bowl track closed!

To all the enthusiastic Mt Everest Challengers taking on Titirangi this year, please take care on the maunga. Due to continuous bad weather we’ve had to close the bowl track between Cooks plaza and the summit. Parts of the track are at risk of slipping …

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