Titirangi Mt Everest Challenge

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Top 10 Individuals

1stMartinMt Everest – Nepal badgeNo team assigned63081900
2ndMemorieMt Everest – Nepal badgeHuringa Pai Whanau 201949063700
3rdRogerMt Everest – Nepal badgeHikurangi - Ruatoria45859540
4thRitaMt Everest – Nepal badgeNo team assigned30039000
5thDanielMt Everest – Nepal badge#rungisborne26033800
6thTheoMt Everest – Nepal badgeThe Trotters24031200
7thLeeMt Everest – Nepal badgeHuringa Pai Whanau 201922028600
8thReubenMt Everest – Nepal badgeHuringa Pai Whanau 201921527950
9thTonyMt Everest – Nepal badgeCSL SECURITY20426520
10thTaliMt Everest – Nepal badgeMitre 1020426520

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Top 10 Teams

PositionTeamNo. MembersClimbsAvg. Cli/MemMetres
1stHuringa Pai Whanau 201939292575380250
2ndThe Gizzy Grocers115193117251030
3rdHULLKFIT 201924124352161590
4thThe Trotters13112286145860
6thMitre 1029106137137930
7thHikurangi - Ruatoria14101873132340
8thYoung tarts and old farts1994450122720
9thPultron Puke piki3894325122590
10thTeam Waddle Like A Duck1892151119730

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Latest News

Titirangi Mt. Everest Challenge – one-way!

  For your safety, the road will be made one way for the duration of the event. With a large number of users on the road, cars travelling up and down Queens Dr has been a safety concern in previous years. The Gisborne District Council are generous …

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Convert your maunga

📣 We’ve received a heap of feedback that some of our coast communities would love to get involved, but can’t make it to town often enough to participate. At the end of the day, this event is about setting a personal challenge, and getting outdoors and …

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Join the online community

Join the community! We’ve set up a Facebook community to connect all participants of the Titirangi Mt. Everest Challenge. It’s a community where you can share notices, photos, stories and anything else related to the challenge. To get involved, join wi …

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